As a Commercial Supplier to the Automotive Service Industry, promoting a new product or service has always been a daunting task.

Promoting these products to commercial customers in a particular market region is almost impossible.

Well, here on the Automotive Service Business Network, we're doing something about it!

To start with, most consumer marketing platforms are just places to put your ads and for our industry and you, that's not good enough. If we're going to create something that's really practical and useable, it's going to have to be something that's never been done before.

As a commercial supplier to this industry, you do a lot more than just supplying products. You supply us with continued support through product training, tips, marketing tools and real world advice to build on a relationship that results in "brand loyalty" and sales growth.

But, in recent years, this has become increasingly difficult due to reduced staffing, restructured sales territories and centralized distribution.

The hopes that general internet marketing would fill the customer service gaps is not working and, as a result, product knowledge and brand loyalty is quickly becoming a distant memory.

We Can Fix That

ASBN is a brand new marketing platform designed specifically for the Automotive Service Industry and will be targeted to one market region at a time, starting with British Columbia.

How did we do that?

The first step is to gather your audience under one 'roof' by giving the Automotive Service Industry here in BC something they really need; an industry resource center.

Well, the idea is quite logical but took some time to put it all together;

  1. Search, and gather throughout the internet, all sites related to the automotive service industry and catalogue them
  2. Create a catalogue system to contain a wide range of topics as a daily used interactive reference library for all members
  3. Create a B2B directory for all suppliers in this market region that is complete and practical
  4. Make it an unbiased platform for all to contribute and interact
  5. Make it private for this industry but free to access  

Not only will ASBN be used daily as a business reference and information tool, but will promote positive interaction and shared knowledge within this industry.

This now becomes a perfect platform for you, our supplier network.

Not only can you now promote your product to your 'target market' audience but you can also be sure that every person viewing your message are the targeted audience you are aiming for.
Even better still, we have divided the British Columbia market into nine distinctive sub-regions for more accurate reporting as well as to gauge market saturation. We can also go so far as to be able to report to you what business category and business type has viewed your messages.
But, we didn't stop at just supplying you with valuable ad space.

Unlike the general consumer industry, our suppliers and commercial customers depend on each other for more than just products.

Many of you have extensive customer service support programs aimed at improving the knowledge and skills your customer needs to properly service today's vehicles. From P.O.P. materials and customer pamphlets to live technical support and on site training, all are vital resources this industry needs.

Here at ASBN, you now have the opportunity to rebuild these customer support programs because you have a direct line to your customers and even more importantly, you have a direct line to all your potential customers within this marketing region. 

ASBN recognizes you, the industry supplier, as a key partner devoted to the growth and success of this industry and for that, we have developed a significant portion of this network to accommodate your need to communicate your support and your message to this industry.

The following programs are a totally new marketing approach and as unique as ASBN itself


The B2B Directory Pages

  • Who is the Rep for this company?
  • Where can I find...?
  • Who do i talk to about this product?yellow pages

Everything starts here.

All suppliers and factory representatives will have their businesses and especially their business contact information listed for free

Why is it Free?

  1. It's pointless to try and charge for your listing during the start up and development of ASBN because it would limit the number of entries and as a result, would never be complete. That would result in the directory not being used as you, yourself, have probably experienced with other directories out there.
  2. You install and maintain your own listing. That saves us money (and yours) on data entry personel

It is simple to use and most of all simple to enter your listing without the need of any programming knowledge.

It is also designed to allow you full control, at any time, from any computer, where you can log in and do whatever changes you need.

Within the Directory, we have developed additional (payable) levels above the basic entry where you can have a full Web Page to upload additional information expanding your listing(s) to include text, images and links.

See About the B2B Directoryfor details.

What's important here is that not only do you stay in control of your ad space but the ingredients you have in this account can now be used for the more advanced marketing programs soon to be available.

This will reduce production costs and marketing development time on your part as well as allow us to react to your needs quickly.

Main Advertising and Sponsorship Programs

There are dozens of individual locations, throughout ASBN, designed to surgically target a specific audience within this industry.

Yes, there will be advertising opportunities to fit even the smallest budget, but since the plan is to go well beyond just supplying ad space.

For this, we will enlist your feedback.

Since this is a totally new platform and a totally new way of doing business, we can only assume what you would like to see on ASBN and what your marketing needs will be.

Most of the marketing tools we believe should be organized into "Packages" on a graduated scale to not only keep it simple and affordable, but to also limit the 'monopolizing' effect some individuals could attempt. 

Here are just some of the available ingredients we can incorporate into 'Packages':

  • Banner ads; Section specific, rotational or fixed
  • Right column ads; three sizes, rotaional or fixed, section specific
  • Article sponsorship; your ads in featured articles
  • Contributing writers; your articles or tips as news items or permanently catalogued
  • News letter ads; targeting specific demograpic groups
  • Media presentations; uploading your YouTube, flv or avi files
  • Direct communications; emulating Messenger or Skype

So, to start with, add your company to the B2B Directory and sign up for your Supplier Membership to get full access to the site and then let your imagination fly.

Contact me personally with your ideas on how ASBN can help you with your marketing programs and don't just limit your ideas to advertising space.

I will keep you informed as we develop as well as supplying reports on membership growth.


Bob Paff 


ASBN Puplications

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