Do you (or do you want to) do business with the Automotive Service Industry, here in British Columbia?


Here are some facts;

  1. There is no B2B directory system for the automotive service industry. As a matter of fact, most retail or commercial industries don't have one. This is the first.
  2. All local businesses need your products, your services and especially your support but most cannot find you when they finally need you. Even worse, they may not even know you exist.
  3. Knocking on doors or "cold calls" has been the only cost effective means of commercial marketing, especially if your business is 'local' or 'regional' in nature..

There is finally a better way.

Since all businesses and all individuals of this industry will be using ASBN as their information resource center, it is only logical to have every supplier for this industry listed in the B2B Directory for easy access when needed.

Here's how it works.

Your business card is your first piece of information you would naturally and freely hand out to potential clients. This is duplicated in our "Free Listing" which, of course, is complimentary. (see below for details)

The next step would be to hand out a brochure to interested clients outlining details of your products or services. That is duplicated in the "Advanced" listings of the Directory. (see below for details)

This is great news, but it gets better.

We've made it Simple

  • We understand that the majority of you are not IT professionals, so the forms are simple and straight forward. All you have to do is to be sure the image files you wish to use are on the same computer you are filling the forms on. The 'Browse" button will help you find that file and upload it automatically.
  • The complexity of creating a web page "brochure" has been eliminated by creating a single attractive template format automating the layout process from the data you provide on the entry form. (See sample below)

We've made it secure

  • In a commercial to commercial environment, much of the information moving through ASBN is of a "semi-private" nature. To address this, we have created a 'screening' process through ASBN's membership application form. This means only approved members can view the 'semi-private' information of your Basic Listing as well as your Brochure. This also means even you cannot view this information without becoming an approved member. So, don't forget to sign up.
  • All payments made to ASBN Publications will be handled though an independent financial company called PayPal in a separate, secure environment using most major credit cards and under NO circumstance will ASBN Publications have, or maintain on record, any credit card or personal information required for any financial transaction.

We've made it focused

  • Your customers in your market region; that's what is important to you. Not only can users find your business under the categories you select, but they can also narrow the selection by the region(s) you do business in.
  • Users can also find you by a product or a brand name. This is possible by you taking full advantage of the Advanced Entry (see below), where your text ad is automatically indexed for Keywords and Meta Descriptions that are used by search engines.

We put you in control

Since this marketing platform was designed for you and your business, you should have full control of it. Once approved, you can return to edit or change any information on your listings any time you want. This can come in handy if you want to promote a new product or have a special, timely announcement.

"Finally, a Directory we can all use."

B2B Directory

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The Supplier Pages is the just the first phase of a 'long overdue' commercial maketing platform to connect manufactureers and suppliers with their commercial customers.

So, are you ready?

Let's do this.

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