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Why Memberships

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Why do I need to be a member of ASBN?

The answers are logically simple;

  1. Privacy; This is a semi-private network because we need the freedom to discuss issues without the general public looking over our shoulders.
  2. Statistics; How many businesses are there? Where are they? What types of businesses are they? How many people work in this industry? Answers to these are just a sample of the many questions that need answers to generate accurate statistics and demographics of our industry for our suppliers (who are paying to keep this network going) and for us to be able to monitor trends in our markets and react to them quickly.

Also, because this network is member driven, we can add functions to this network that are tailored to our own specific needs without the many issues a 'global website' faces.

Functions like classifieds, employment ads, video streaming, product reviews and direct online telephone communications can only be possible in a controlled group environment and as a network, we can create functions that others can only dream of.

The final, big advatage is that since this network was designed for you, your tips, articles and ideas are highly welcomed and if you want, can be published for all to see. Plus, your direct input will determine the direction ASBN will evolve in.


For our suppliers, this opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Not only can we bring the manufacturers closer to us as we have enjoyed in the past, but we can open even more doors of opportunities like seminars, training modules and contests that only a closed network can provide.

Also, because supplier and sponsor ads will be for the most part, our only means of income, high membership numbers will give them good reason to invest in ASBN.  


So, as you can see, your membership in ASBN is crucial to the growth of this network and ultimately, this industry.

You can sign up your business with an account with your business name in the 'Name' field of the registration form and then sign up individual personal accounts with different names in the 'Name' field and different email addresses.


Also, don't forget to check the box to accept Newsletters.

Each newsletter will be tailored to your classification.


One final note; we have added a link to the main menu bar "Invite Friends" that is only visible to members where you can send a note and invite friends in this industry to check out the site. We hope you will use it.


Bob Paff

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