I just knew this was going to happen.

Here's a software tech company, Arizona-based Proctorio, suing a UBC employee for copywright and confidentiality infringement.

The company claims that Linkletter breached confidentiality and copyright by posting on Twitter links to seven videos meant only for administrators and instructors.

Here's the link to the Vancouver Sun article; https://vancouversun.com/news/ubc-employee-being-sued-by-u-s-software-company-files-anti-slapp-application

There's more to this lawsuit, but here's the STUPID part; the videos were posted on YouTube!

What were they thinking?

How can they possibly think of suing for breach of confidentiality when they posted their own videos in a totally public arena that invies open sharing with friends?

I'm just waiting for someone in our industry posting a mechanical video solution to YouTube and getting upset when it gets shared with DIY's, not the proffesional audiences they were aiming for.

When that happens, we can all let them know there is ASBN.ca where they can be sure only logged in members can view them.

Proffessionals for proffessionals.