Wow, things are starting to happen.

My first blog on this subject was back in February of 2020 Compulsory Certification and it appears that our Provincial Government has listened to all our trades industries, as well as the general public, to finally address the issue.

On June 11, 2021, it was announced that BC is bringing back Mandatory Certification for Trades Workers and on July 13th, 2021, held the first open forum discussion for the automotive sector, hosted by The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training (MAEST).

The turnout was light but productive.

Here are some of the key issues brought to light, of our existing system from the audience. 

  • The financial burden for apprentices to attend annual training.
    • Having to apply for EI assistance
    • Forms for financial assistance for instructional materials, and living expenses
    • No assistance for the paperwork process
  • Long waiting lists for training classes
  • Businesses using apprentices as cheap labor
  • Businesses not being proactive in apprentice training requirements
  • Wage parody during the training program

These are just some of the issues that have turned many away from BC's Apprenticeship and Red Seal program and have also been at the center of reasoning for many to leave our industry altogether. Plus, it certainly hasn't helped that being Certified in the trade has NOT been a requirement for an individual to have a job in this industry.

Well, I for one, agree that being qualified through an industry-standard certification program should be a minimal requirement for our industry.

The question is; How to make the process more attractive and streamlined for individuals and businesses to want to participate. 

Yes,  our Provincial Government is looking to create changes to improve industry trades, but they are administrators and know little about the issues we face on the front line. 

It's our job to inform them as well as make suggestions so they can make better decisions we can all agree to.

Now is the time to speak up because they are asking and listening.

Start talking about it amongst yourselves. Post your comments anywhere there is a discussion on the subject because the more people talk about it, the better the chance of sound decisions being made.

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