We are at the Core of the Automotive Aftermarket

We are at the Core of the Automotive Aftermarket

The Automotive Aftermarket is a dominant industry, here in Canada. But we are all so disconnected. This is a 32-billion-dollar industry made up of thousands of regional and international...

Welcome to the Tech Center
Welcome to the Tech Center

Welcome to the Tech Center.  Servicing and repairing vehicles...

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Welcome to the Link Library
Welcome to the Link Library

Simple, Direct, and Quick  Here's where we index and...

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Welcome to the Tool Room
Welcome to the Tool Room

This section should be interesting for everybody because...

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Welcome to The Office
Welcome to The Office

Welcome to The Office This section is designed...

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Where Is It?

Stupid customer hid the wheel lock key... You know how 'flipped out' a tech can...

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Mode $06 Data, A Real Diagnostic Tool (Part Two)

From Part One of this article, it's pretty clear how Mode $06 data can be a...

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What's Going On With This Economy?

What's going on out there? Shops are closing down left, right and center....

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Fuses Don't Blow

Bulletin: Fuses not blowing causing fires There are vehicle fuses that do not...

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Shop Things To Do

Everyone in the shop, except you, knows what's broken and what needs...

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13 Biggest Hot Rod Crate Engines

Big in size, big in power, big in cost; these are a few of our favorite BIG crate...

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The Plus of Shop Meetings

How many of you have monthly shop meetings with your mechanical staff? There has...

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Oops, I Priced it Wrong

"We're going to lose money again..." When generating an estimate for a job,...

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Cooling Flush?

This guy comes in with his 2002 Jimmy and said it was idling a little rough....

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Customer Management

Customer Management A segment from Automotive Business Concepts By Bob Paff...

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Corroded Probing

Piercing wires when you are testing sensors may allow moisture to attack the...

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Something Gets Lost In The Translation

When you are acquiring information from a customer about a vehicle problem and...

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