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Industry Issues

Industry Issues

"For Every Problem, There Is a Solution"

There have always been issues affecting our businesses in this industry and there always will be.Some issues may be localized or regional in their nature and may just require an adjustment on how we do business in order to eliminate the issue from being a problem. Others can be affecting our industry as a whole and may require the intervention of our industry associations to help us bring about a solution within the political arena.

It doesn't matter how large or small the issue is, they all have to be addressed and fixed because simply ignoring them will not make them go away.

How we address these issues and act upon them is determined by three factors;

1.Having accurate information about the problem

2.Knowing the available options for a solution

3.The willingness to take action.


Our job here at ASBN is not to fix the problem. No, that job is up to you and others who share the solution.

ASBN, however, will address one issue at a time, research the problem along with the facts and present it to you in a simple, clear format.

We will also supply you with available solution options and, where applicable, direct solutions which, ironically, may come from within our membership network right here in BC.

Note: Think about it; over 6,000 shops with an average of 8 employees each equates to over 48,000 intelligent professionals who know more about this industry, within this market, than anyone else on this planet.

It is our job to fix things that are broken.

So, let's fix these things.

Here's an example:

A particular product we have grown to trust has changed, creating installation problems, performance issues or excessive comebacks. You have talked to the supplier and even though they have done what they could, you have no feedback to know the issue has been resolved or how wide spread this problem is. 

You are now left up with the decision to

  1. not to purchase the product again or

  2. accept the poor quality as 'the way things are' and continue.

Here's ASBN's proposal;

We publish the issue for all to review. Everyone who has an issue with the product adds their comments and hopefully a solution. If a solution was found, it would be publicized and catalogued for future reference.

If a solution was not found, ASBN would then bring the manufacturer into the discussion where they would see, first hand, the issue and, from the extent of the comments, the direct affect it is having on our industry and their sales.

It is my strong belief that most manufacturers have little or no feedback on how well their products are being accepted in the marketplace. Their only indicator is sales numbers and low numbers just mean they'll have to increase marketing or get rid of the product alltogether.

But, if they had direct feedback from us, you know they would quickly adjust their product quickly.

Yes, we have the power to make things better.

All that's needed is that we work together for a solution.


We all need your comments, opinions, questions and, of course, your possible solutions to these issues. So, don't forget to post them.

At the end or each article will be an area to post your comments and ratings. In addition, you can also direct link to the forums for further discussions on the topic. Your opinions, comments and ideas are highly welcomed.

Even better still, we've created a private group on LinkedIn where these topics can be discussed with all industry members, right across North America. To join us there, just click on the link orclick on this logo.                   LinkedIn Logo60px

Have an article or an idea for an article? Click here to submit your suggestions.

Remember, there is no such thing as a small idea.


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