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Diagnostic Portal

The Autel MaxiVideoâ„¢ MV208 digital videoscope is an ideal tool for examining difficult-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight. It features the ability to record digital still images and MPEG2 or MPEG1 video either on its internal flash memory or on the removable SD cards (optional). The ergonomic tool not only features a 2.4" full color LCD screen, auto focus and viewing capacity as close as 1" with crystal clear output, but also offers the capability to stream digital video directly to a PC. The multipurpose video scope is an economical solution to inspect machinery, facilities and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible.

Developed by a team of the best engineers and technicians in the industry, the MaxiDAS® DS708 is a state-of-art vehicle diagnostic system that delivers a more accurate, stable, comprehensive, easier and faster diagnosis. The new generation platform stands out in a variety of tools by providing incredibly high performance with intuitive operation. For the first time, workshops and technicians can find an OE-level diagnostic solution designed for the aftermarket.

Derived from our Professional Series tool, the MaxiDAS® DS708, the MaxiDiag Elite® MD802 enables the user to not only get into the O.E. enhanced OBD-II system with mode 6 access, live data graphing, but it also allows a technician to scan the entire car, ALL makes, ALL models, and all available modules just like our DS708. With the MaxiDiag Elite® MD802 the user can read and clear codes in all Powertrain, Chassis, Body, and Information & Communication systems with the push of one button, making it great for body shops, used car dealers, and the professional repair shops. With its print function, you can easily provide the customer or the insurance agent a complete diagnosis of the vehicle. This new diagnostic platform delivers fast and easy diagnosis at the right price.

The MaxiSYS® Pro has been designed to be the go-to tool for the professional technician who performs J-2534 reprogramming on a regular basis.

AutoEnginuity's ScanTool is a hardware and software combination for Windows-based PCs and Laptops. AutoEnginuity's ScanTool was designed to be as easy to learn—as it is powerful. ScanTool comes with an automated installation process, a complete and comprehensive User Guide, and an easy-to-use interface. You won't have to spend valuable time learning another piece of software, you can focus on what's important—servicing the vehicle.

As vehicles become more computerized, the requirement to reprogram those modules is more and more necessary. AutoEnginuity's J2534 reprogramming hardware meets that requirement.  

Dealer-level capabilities and coverage for more than 40 global vehicles. This next generation of the original Autoland iScan-II has a special functionality, including BMW Offline Programming that programs the models after E65, E60, E90, E70; an Interface Module Simulation System (IMS2) Interface with dealer scanner software, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Toyota, Land Rover, Ford and Jaguar; and DOL (Diagnostic Online) accessible through the Internet. Technicians always get the latest information via built-in Bluetooth technology and report information for programming and reflashing.

The Autologic Blue Box has been used everyday by thousands of customers in independent repair shops around the world. With more than 15 years of continuous development and expertise, the Blue Box helped to create the success that Autologic enjoys today and remains part of Autologic's  device portfolio. While the Blue Box is still in use, we will provide our customers with a continued level of support from our technicians, guiding users to a resolution and ensuring that technical updates are available via the website.