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Welcome to the Automotive Service Business Network

Here's where we get together to determine our own future. ASBN is also the most comprehensive online resource community for the Automotive Service Industry and is the first of it's kind to focus on the needs of our community right here in British Columbia. You are already part of this industry, so sign up now!!


Association News

2015 Vehicle Safety ...

On May 6th, 2015 ARA will be hosting the 2015 Vehicle Safety Conference at the Morgan Creek Golf course in Surrey. This year's conference will focus on issues concernig unsafe vehicle...


NASTF Spring 2015 Ge...

NASTF traveled its semi-annual General Meeting to the New York City Metro area on Thursday, March 19, at the Meadowland Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ, site of AASP-NJ's NORTHEAST2015. NASTF...


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Real Stories

  • Cooling Flush?

    This guy comes in with his 2002 Jimmy and said it was idling a little rough. It was his grand daughter's truck but he didn't think it would need too m...
  • Sometimes you're a hero

    A tow truck drove in one day, with an Olds 88 in tow. The driver and owner get out and the driver explains to me that something in the drive train is...

News Break

Greenwood's Blog

You Can’t Create the Future by Clinging to the Past

Let’s acknowledge that every shop owner has a history in their business and that’s how they learned their business. The past is the past, and we must all learn from our experiences, however, today we must also learn to move forward.

That’s what being the best that you can be is all about; moving your business forward to a new level 

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Calculations and Process Always Go Together

Many shop owners have been through some kind of Management Courses over the past 2 years. The right courses mathematically prove a great deal of net income is available in each business, from their current business coming through the door, and then shows them how to achieve the desired results to capture that untapped income.

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Expanding Government Vehicle Inspections in BC
Industry Issues
This Is Important! On May 6th, 2015, In Surrey B.C., the ARA is hosting a second in a series of conferences concerning Vehicle Safety. There will be presentations from Commercial Vehicle Safety &...
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The New ASBN
Industry Issues
Let's Check Under the Hood What makes ASBN so unique and what is it about? Well, there's no way I can put it in a nutshell because there's just way too much. So, I made a commercial to get you start...
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