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Fuses not blowing causing fires

There are vehicle fuses that do not offer protection against overloaded or shorted circuits and will cause, at the least, serious vehicle damage to vehicle wiring and at worst, create a vehicle fire.

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Position Your Value, Not Your Price

Shops that have marketed their business based on price attract price-focussed people.

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Are Your Accounts Receivables Out of Control?

Do Accounts Receivable cause your stress level to go up… and your business relationships to go down?

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Latest Tech Tips

Bleeding brakes causes new problems

Sorry sir, you now need a master cylinder...

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Don't Underinflate Tires

Since the car manufactures installed tires pressure labels on the door frames for easy access for car owners, too many in our industry are assuming that what's posted on the label is the correct specification for that vehicle and not to be questioned. As a result, vehicles are on the road with dangerously unsafe, under inflated tire pressures.

Here's a case in point:


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Alignment Tools for a Tune Up?

 An unpaid assistant to maintain 2000 RPM....


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Tool Tips

Latest Office Tips

Quotes or Estimates

"Here, I'll write you up a quote on what it should cost for the repair."

What's wrong with that statement?

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He's Still On A Road Test?

Ever had the situation where, during a road test, the car died, you left your cell phone at the shop and no one knows where you are?

Well, it happens way too frequently.

Here's a solution;

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Real Stories

  • Stuck on a Job

    One Saturday, I was working the floor alone and my wife was working the counter. I was draped across the motor, doing some distributor work on an olde...
  • Sticker Shock

    Quite a few years ago, I was managing the Speedy Muffler in Kelowna when a young couple came in to have the car checked out.