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Welcome to the Automotive Service Business Network

Here's where we get together to determine our own future. ASBN is also the most comprehensive online resource community for the Automotive Service Industry and is the first of it's kind to focus on the needs of our community right here in British Columbia. You are already part of this industry, so sign up now!!




Our ARA on the job for us

On October 14, 2014, ARA President and CEO, Ken McCormack gave a presentation to the government Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. Many shops question what the ARA...


Diagnostic Portal A New Resouce For Our Members

Introducing ASBN's Diagnostic Portal Are you in the market for a new scan tool? Do you feel your options may be too limited? Well, to get you started in the right direction,...


Latest Discussions

ASBN; our BC LinkedIn Focus Group
The idea of modifying our LinkeIn ASBN group to a focus group for British Columbia and Western Canada is a sound one. When I first signed up tp Linke...
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STUPID Mistakes that will make you feel better as a tech. (Long Post)
Dumb Tech Stories from a Ford blog site many years ago. Names were removed to protect the guilty:   I had one tech remove the top nut from a ta...
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Greenwood's Blog

Vehicle Complexity at its Highest Level Ever

We talk a lot about vehicle technology and how it has developed. This is one of the reasons why a minimum of 100 hours of technical training are required per year now for a technician just to keep level with vehicle knowledge and why management requires 6 to 8 days of business training per year. It is a true Profession today. The Trade days are long gone; almost the equivalent to an Engineering Degree required moving forward.

 Need Proof?

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Some Industry Trends to Consider

They say the “Trend is Your Friend”. In running a shop business, I truly believe that. So what are some upcoming trends that WILL affect your business over the next 10 years?

Consider these trend lines:

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Latest Office Tip

"I think I have the quote here somewhere...."

Every time I see someone scribble out an estimate on a piece of paper, I can guarantee that the final invoice price will be more. Sometimes 20 to30% more.

Real Stories From The Lighter Side

A few years ago, this customer comes in with his 1972 Camaro. He said he got it out of the body shop two months earlier after rear ending a truck and


Latest Tool Tip

One problem with trouble lights is that the ‘cage’ never stays secure.

When the light is dropped, it’s usually the cage that hits and breaks the bulb.

Plus, while you are using it, the cage becomes ‘unclipped’ and the light ends up shining right in your face.

Here’s an easy fix.

Latest Tech Tip

"Best to front" has always been our guideline when rotating tires. But, when installing two new tires, do you apply



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