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 ASBN is the most comprehensive online resource community for the Automotive Service Industry and is the first of it's kind to focus on the needs of our community right here in British Columbia. Sign Up Now for all the complimentary features and benefits.

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Real Stories

  • Stuck on a Job

    One Saturday, I was working the floor alone and my wife was working the counter. I was draped across the motor, doing some distributor work on an olde...
  • Sticker Shock

    Quite a few years ago, I was managing the Speedy Muffler in Kelowna when a young couple came in to have the car checked out.

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Greenwood's Blog

What Is Your Education Plan for 2016?

Right now the shop is in the “busy” season, so it’s natural many other things get looked over. That being said, one of the most important Management functions is “Planning” the business.

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10 Calculations That Are a Must Today

In my last blog, I mentioned shop owners are not spending at least 2 hours a day of uninterrupted time working in their office “on” the business.

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Latest Office Tips

He's Still On A Road Test?

Ever had the situation where, during a road test, the car died, you left your cell phone at the shop and no one knows where you are?

Well, it happens way too frequently.

Here's a solution;

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10 Quick Marketing Tips

From JMC Equipment, here are some great shop marketing tips we can all use.



Latest Office Discussions

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Expanding Government Vehicle Inspections in BC
Industry Issues
This Is Important! On May 6th, 2015, In Surrey B.C., the ARA is hosting a second in a series of conferences concerning Vehicle Safety. There will be presentations from Commercial Vehicle Safety &...
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The New ASBN
Industry Issues
Let's Check Under the Hood What makes ASBN so unique and what is it about? Well, there's no way I can put it in a nutshell because there's just way too much. So, I made a commercial to get you start...
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What Is ASBN?

Latest Tech Discussions

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Latest Tech Tips

Bleeding brakes causes new problems

Sorry sir, you now need a master cylinder...

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Timing marks off

from Robert Pleasanton III on IATN

I'm sure this has been posted before but I wanted to share
because every shop I share this tip with thinks its genius.

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Penetrating Fluids

Machinist's Workshop MagT recently published some information on various penetrating oils that I found very interesting.
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Whiners Corner