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Connecting Business Suppliers To Their Business Customers


Here are some facts;directory

  1. There is no supplier directory system for the Automotive Service Industry, or even within the whole of the Automotive Aftermarket. As a matter of fact, most retail or commercial industries don't have one. This is the first.
  2. As a Supplier, all local businesses need your products, your services, and especially your support but most cannot find you when they finally need you. Even worse, they may not even know you exist.

It's time we generated our own solution.

There are literally hundreds of companies and probably more, that want to do commercial business with us, here in BC. The problem we've always had is not being able to find them when we need them. 

You can't find them in traditional directories, because these directories are designed to serve the general public, and since the clear majority are 'commercial only' businesses, you won't find them there. You may be one of the lucky ones who have had a visit from a select few representatives and all you have is a business card, in that (well organized) drawer of business cards. Then you try an online search only to fall short to find anything local.

We need our own commercial directory that;

  • focuses on connecting businesses within the automotive aftermarket industry,
  • is semi-private and not for public viewing to allow us the opportunity to talk 'business'
  • must include all businesses, that want to do business with us and not just a select paying few. Every one of them is important to us. 
  • allows the customers to be general or specific in our searches, whether it be by product, brand name, service, or business region. 
  • allows us to simply build our own private 'vendor list' from our selections

This creates a major opportunity for all our valued suppliers who need a better way to promote their services and support this industry.

A simple, stand-alone, version of a business directory system was the first idea, but it soon became apparent that many of our suppliers have more to offer than just ad placement and product sales. Many really want to help us succeed in our businesses and have gone to great lengths to develop resources and the tools we need to do just that. And guess what? We could really use the resources.

So, we got to work and created this industry's first, full-featured, Supplier Directory that can further open the doors of opportunity to allow our suppliers and their clients to build on their relationships.

This is our industry and these are our businesses.

Shouldn't we have a system that brings our valued supplier network and our business network closer together? 

Everyone benefits.

So, the next time you have a salesperson looking to talk to you, that you simply don't have time for, tell them to visit www.asbn.ca and place their listing FOR FREE in our industry's Supplier Directory. 

They will appreciate it.

And, if you are a supplier-type business that needs to connect to potential business customers, check out the Directory Features and Options.

There is one important point I do have to stress.

For privacy and security reasons, all who wish to use the services on the ASBN network must first be registered and logged in. Everyone, suppliers and users alike, are vetted for their authenticity in the registration process before a membership is approved.