Features and Options

Before we start, there are 4 points to consider;

  1. Everyone must be a registered member of the Automotive Service Business Network (ASBN) to use the services offered.
    • This is important as a Security and Privacy requirement. The registration process is our first line of defense against spammers and non - legitimate users and gives us the authority to take action against those who wish to exploit our network for negative reasons.
    • Read More on Why Memberships
    • Memberships are FREE, so Join the Network
  2. Only registered users can view the details and contact information of entries in the B2B Directory.
    • Many of our supplier businesses are 'Commercial Only' business types and prefer their contact information not to be available in the public realm.
  3. Unless you request our assistance, you are in full control of your personal account and business listings through your own personal Control Panel
  4. You must stay within the parameters of the supplied forms as well as agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the Content Submission and the Member Privacy Policy

 Now, on to the Features and Options;

Two Packages; Basic (Free) and Advanced

"Any directory is only as good as the listings it contains."

There is a vast number of supplier businesses looking to connect with our automotive business community in every corner of this huge market region. The only practical way to start building these connections is through a commercial directory system that can be freely accessed by both parties.


So, applying logic as the solution to making this commercial directory as complete as possible, every supplier type business gets a free business card style ad in the directory with no 'strings' attached and no further commitments.

All entries are fully indexed and are as complete as your business card (which you hand out freely anyway to your customers).


For those of you who wish to expand your listing to include more details of your business, show off your products or services, or add some images and videos, we have you covered.

Check out the comparison tables of the two packages we offer.

While you're at it, take a look at the category choices to list your company under. You can select up to ten categories to make sure you are found.

 Commercial Marketing

Unlike consumer marketing, commercial marketing is all about building relationships with your customers and the B2B Directory is only the first step in developing your own commercial marketing strategy on this new platform.

Many of you may be thinking that placing your ad in ASBN's B2B directory is your best opportunity to market your business to the automotive service industry, here in BC.  For some business types, this may be true.

But many of you may want an, even more, strategic and personal approach to marketing your products or services.

Okay, how about these solutions;

  • Apply your focus to specific segments of our industry like shop management, service technicians, or other suppliers.
  • Focus your business on a particular marketing region or selected regions of BC.
  • Have direct connections to your existing commercial customers who need your direct support.
  • Have the ability to distribute training and product resources 
  • and a lot more to come

Since the core purpose of the Automotive Service Business Network is to bring all businesses and their people, along with all our suppliers and their people, together under one roof to share ideas and to do business, we have opened the doors to a marketing platform that can really serve the unique needs of both sides of the same coin.

Because we're in this business together and we need each other.

So, what are you waiting for? An invitation?

Know your market, understand the needs and supply the solution.

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