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Welcome to The Office

This section is designed specifically for you, the owner/operator or manager of an automotive service business here in British Columbia.

Throughout this website, you will find many items that are helpfull but this section, The Office, will focus primarily on the business management of business.

Everybody assumes that since you're running things, you should have all the answers.

But where do you go when you have questions?

Well, hopefully it will be here because this site is for you.

Here we will present you with;

  • Office tools
  • Management Articles and Tips 
  • Office Products and reviews
  • Management Software and reviews
  • Links to other related help sites
  • Available Training Courses
  • Forums for discussions
  • fill you in on some common (and newly discovered) Industry Issues plus,
  • throw in a little humor just to keep things from getting too serious.

What is this going to cost me, you ask?

As far as dollars and cents......nothing! Unless your shop wants to get involved with our marketing programs.

But we do need your participation.

The Automotive Service Business Network is the first of it's kind...... anywhere.

But, to make this project successful, we definately need your help.

We need;

  • your ideas to make ASBN better for you
  • your comments (good or bad) in areas that ask for them
  • your help to spread the word about ASBN

This is your business and your industry and it is our goal is to make managing your business a lot easier and a lot more profitable.

So, where do you start?

Since this is a private, exclusive network, you will be required to log in to view and interact with all the features from any computer with internet access.

  1. fill in the membership form for your business
  2. here's a tip: If you want more privacy for certain occasions, log out and then hit 'Register' again to fill out the new form as an individual with a different log in name and password.
  3. Enjoy 

P.S. Don't forget to show this site to all of your employees and have them each fill out the membership form as individuals.


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