Our Goals

1. To promote the continued growth, success and image of the professional automotive service businesses, technicians and all valued employees, by providing an industry wide, interactive, resource library and to exchange knowledge through a series of private and public foums focusing on the promotion of education, professionalism, and integrity.


2. To develop a stable marketing and communications platform for the valued suppliers and partners of the automotive service industry who also support the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of education, professionalism, and integrity of this industry.


A Closer Look

The Automotive Service Business Network is an interactive community based network designed for business owners, technicians and professionals of all levels, dedicated to excellence in quality vehicle products and services here in British Columbia.

This unified network serves as a major communications platform to share ideas, exchange knowledge and develop creative solutions to improve and enhance the automotive repair experience for all our members.

It is a major information and resource center designed to satisfy the administrative and technical needs for day to day operations of business as well as ideas and concepts to assist in short or long term goals.

ASBN is also a bold new concept for internet users of this industry, whether they are novices or the well initiated, by cataloguing the internet in business related categories and presenting the results in a centralized, easy to use, directory format, it eliminates the unproductive information searches as well as presents educational and buying solutions for our partners and clients.