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Econo Power Steering Flush Kit

Need a cheap but efficient way to flush power steering systems?

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Customer Requests

What did the customer really want?... The counter should use a 'Customer...

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#%@* Trouble Lights

One problem with trouble lights is that the 'cage' never stays secure. When...

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Where is TDC?

Have a problem finding true TDC? On newer engines with no timing marks or...

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What Ignition Timing?

Need to find true TDC?

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Mode $06 Data, A Real Diagnostic Tool (Part Two)

From Part One of this article, it's pretty clear on how Mode $06 data can be a...

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Get Pumped

Running an oil pump without the engine running....

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Ring, Ring, Ring. Hello?

"Is this the person to whom I'm speaking?"Telephone technique is so important...

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Rusty Light Sockets

Need to clean out corroded small bulb sockets?   From a local hardware store,...

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Cooling Flush?

This guy comes in with his 2002 Jimmy and said it was idling a little rough....

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Free Mini-Honer

Need to hone or sand inside a small tube?  Try this. Open a cotter pin and...

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New job for an old tool

Have a set of 10 inch slip joint pliers? This is a handy tool when doing...

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