The Automotive Aftermarket is a dominant industry, here in Canada. But we are all so disconnected.

This is a 32-billion-dollar industry made up of thousands of regional and international manufacturers, distributing their products through over 4600 parts stores to over 26,300 repair centers and employing over 492,000 people, across this country. It is that part of the automotive industry focused on the manufacturing, re-manufacturing, and distribution of all replacement parts, accessories, chemicals, tools, equipment, and services outside of the new vehicle manufacturer environment.

We, here in the service portion of this industry, are at the center of all this activity.

We are the largest and, for the most part, the final destination for the production of all these products, and yet, we share little to no direct connection with these valued sources, other than the products themselves that manage to reach our businesses. 

On the front line of this industry, we have the responsibility to make the final decisions on what products and brands we use and sell to service the vehicles within our communities and, as professionals, our customers expect us to be able to choose wisely, based on our experience, product knowledge, and dependability, not just price and availability. But, for us to have that ability, we need the product knowledge and the support resources that can only come directly from the product producers and manufacturers, which our product distribution system cannot supply.

That is a huge information and resource gap.

There is no questioning that the relationship between product manufacturers and service businesses is a symbiotic one. The problem is the absence of communication both ends require to maintain the relationship. They need our feedback and our support and we need their support and their resources. 

Without that, all we have is price and availability.

That's only half of the problem.

Now, while we may be at the center of the Automotive Aftermarket and we understand the critical need to directly connect with our product manufacturers, shouldn't we be taking our own advice?

We may be over 26,000 strong, here in Canada, but guess what? We don't talk to each other. Maybe because we have too much pride? Or, maybe because there hasn't been a platform, designed for our needs, that would allow us the opportunity?

Of course, we all have issues. That's the business. But, did you know that many others shared the same issues and have found solutions? No, you probably wouldn't.

We've been told that we need to be more proactive in our management style as the key ingredient to being successful in our businesses.

How is that possible if we don't have the information or resources we need to be proactive?  

We have become conditioned to be reactive.

There is a solution.

There is one, unique, network that is solely focused on the automotive aftermarket with the purpose of connecting all facets of our industry together, to share resources and do business. 

This is the Automotive Service Business Network.

As a commercial community and cataloged resource center, ASBN's primary focus is on the British Columbia market. Everyone associated with the Automotive Aftermarket, from suppliers to students, can sign up for free access to shared tips, articles, videos, and podcasts and are encouraged to continue building these libraries by sharing what they've learned or found so we can all benefit.

It is where manufacturers can showcase their products directly to their commercial marketplace.

It is also a major communications hub that serves as a single connection point to all sectors of this industry. This means product manufacturers can connect with their customers, educators with businesses or students, associations with the total industry, and especially, individuals with friends within this industry, using a variety of tools such as comments, forums, and even our own social network.

This is our industry. Shouldn't we have the resources to have better control over our own destiny? Shouldn't we have the tools to solve our own issues?


Together, we can fix this.

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