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Place value on your freebies....

If you are supplying a complimentary service or discount, show the full value of it on the invoice along with the credit.
This achieves two things;

  1. It will have a value the customer can appreciate. If you don't show these priced items, it will be perceived that your discounted end price is your 'normal' price and
  2. second, it will give you a record of your discounts and allowances.
    This alone will be an eye opener when, at the end of the month, you see where your profits have gone.

    Remember, nothing is free. It's costing you every minute of the day. You still have to pay for the technician, the equipment and the shop. Even if you want to do a 'free' inspection, you still have to pay to have it done for the customer.
    So, create a work order and record the transaction.{jcomments on}
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