" Built To Meet Or Exceed OE Specs."

Don't believe everything you read.....


You've seen or heard this statement many times by many product manufacturers but, here's the shocker: this statement has nothing to do about the quality or the performance of the part.

It only means that it will fit that particular model correctly.

OE manufacturers do have to produce some parts and components that must meet certain independant standards such as brakes meeting or exceeding D3EA certification and the better brake companies will develop products that also achieve this same D3EA certification.

But even they do not advertise that they meet OE specs.

There is no law or governing body that controls the quality of parts and accessories in the automotive industry.

Yes, there are many parts on the shelves that are inferior, cheap and even unsafe but there is no law against selling them.

Remember, 'You get what you pay for'.

Note; Some aftermarket parts manufactures have realized this reality and are now starting to advertise on their packaging that their products are not ony built to meet or exceed factory specs as far as fit, but also preformance. 

Keep an eye out for these products.{jcomments on}