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A customer comes in and asked how much parts and labor were for a starter because his was gone.   


Well, thinking of all the possibilities of what could cause a starter not to function; I asked him what made him think that it was the starter itself that was gone.

He said ”Trust me, it’s gone".

My reply to him was to say that our policy was to test the system to verify the problem first because we didn’t want to be replacing parts unnecessarily which could possibly save him money in the long run.

He agreed with the procedure but was quite adamant that his diagnosis was correct.

We pushed the car into the shop and the technician did the necessary tests and reported his findings to me.

He said “Yup, the starter’s gone”.

I asked “So, the cables, ignition switch and battery are ok?

He said “Yes, they’re fine. It’s just the starter that’s gone.”

Wanting a little more clarification I asked “Do you know what caused the starter to fail because I don’t want to replace the starter and have this happen again?”

He said “I don’t know if the starter actually failed, it’s just gone.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

He said” Let me clarify; it’s gone, it’s missing. Someone stole it.”  

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