Why do I need to be a member of ASBN?

The answers are logically simple;


There's a lot of apprehension about connecting with strangers on the open internet. You just don't know who is an internet 'pirate', just waiting to pounce on an opportunity to exploit you. How do you know if that person is authentic? The simplest solution is to have a closed network where every applicant is vetted for authenticity. Plus, if someone does find a way to infiltrate our system to exploit our members, we have the authority to take direct action. 


The Automotive Service Business Network represents all businesses and individuals working within or related to the automotive industry. As an industry, we require the ability to freely share data and resources, plus have the ability to connect and communicate with others, within this industry.

There are two problems;

  1. The clear majority of information our industry requires access to is semi-confidential or semi-private in nature and not destined for the eyes of the general public
  2. We are using the Internet and the World Wide Web media platform and, as such, is a highly open and public realm.

The solution is to create a 'Members Only' system that can only be accessed by logging in as registered users, virtually carving out our own private network within the public worldwide web.

Statistics and Demographics

During the registration process, we ask general, non-private questions designed to help us ensure you are related to this industry and to allow us to be able to screen out those who are looking to misuse our network for their own reasons. At the same time, the data collected on this form will give all of us a much-needed picture of how strong and influential our industry is as an 'essential' service to our communities. 

  • How many businesses are there?
  • Where are they?
  • What types of businesses are they?
  • How strong is our support network?
  • How many people work on the 'front line' of this industry? 
  • How many people work to support this industry?

Answers to these are just a sample of the many questions that need answers to generate accurate statistics and demographics of our industry for really good reasons.

For us,

  • we need to be able to monitor trends in our markets and be able to react to them quickly
  • we want to add more services and tools to the network but we need to know if they will be used and what regions or groups really need them
  • we need strong representation and a strong voice so we can work much closer with our associations and the decision-makers that will affect our industry

For our Suppliers.

How else are we to convince product and service suppliers (who are paying to keep this network going)  to change their marketing programs and to have them realize that we are their biggest customer? We need them as much as they need us and through ASBN, they will have the numbers and the means to support the reasons to bring about much-needed changes.

Realistic Growth

Having signed up members is really the only way we can measure our growth realistically. Looking at site views and visits through different site analytic programs serves us very little. Don't get me wrong. Having 1.5 million page visits per year is definitely uplifting, but really doesn't show if our content is getting to the people who could really use it. 

Only through real membership growth can we start looking at adding more features, more functions, and more tools.

Functions like classifieds, employment ads, video streaming, product reviews, and direct online communications can only be possible in a controlled group environment and have enough members to really make the tools useful. As a network, we can create functions that others can only dream of.

I have so many ideas, but it will take a strong membership before I can act on them.

I hope that answers the question of why memberships are so important.

Okay, you're ready to sign up. Now what?

Simple, there is only one form and it asks simple, nonpersonal, questions to determine that you are directly or indirectly related to this industry. Yes, we screen every application. It's our first line of defense against malicious users.

If you are thinking about signing up your whole shop to use, that's great. But we will see you only as one member and that doesn't help our growth enough. Don't forget to tell your co-workers, employees, or classmates so they too can sign up for their own personal reasons. The more, the merrier.

Also, don't forget (at the bottom of the application form) to check the box to accept Newsletters. Each newsletter will be tailored to your classification.

Oh, and yes, it is FREE and NO, you will not be added to any mailing list(s). The only mail you will receive will be occasional newsletters and notifications directly from ASBN Publications.


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