Simple, Direct, and Quick 

Here's where we index and catalog every industry-related website and web page available. All are sorted by category and listed alphabetically for consistent and reliable retrieval.

Unlike search engines, we are not concerned about their ranking or popularity, only their relevance to our industry, because every link is a valuable resource.

Send us your favorite links to add to the library so they don't get lost, forgotten, or deleted.

Using the library

  1. Log In - Since many links are for 'Our Eyes Only', only logged-in members may have access. If you are not a member yet, register here. (It's free)
  2. Choose a category or sub-category 
  3. Select the Link title
  4. That's it.

Adding Links 

Found a good resource page or website that's worth saving for later and be accessible anywhere and on any device? 

Send us the link and we'll catalog it in the Library.

Here's how;

  1. Highlight and copy (right mouse button or cntrl-R) the unique web address in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Open any Link Library page in ASBN and click on the 'Add Your Links' button, where a contact page will open.
  3. Paste the link (right mouse button or cntl-V) into the 'Message' area of the contact form  
  4. Add any additional information, questions or comments you wish.
  5. Click 'Send'
  6. That's it.

We will review that link for relevance, catalog it, and send you an email of where it was stored for quick retrieval.

Some links may be duplicated in multiple categories because of their relevance and some may need a whole new category to be stored in.

We will take care of that.

Reporting Bad Links

Web sites change, companies close, and products change; these are all reasons for existing web links to no longer function.

If you experience a broken or redirected web link in the Link Library, please contact us to let us know, using the same 'Add Your Links' contact form. (Don't forget to copy and paste the address you have issues with)

We will do the research to find out why and, where possible, apply the changes to the library and let you know the results.

We do have the software that periodically checks all links for validity. But, as you know, nothing's perfect.


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