Technical Resources (General)

Source Type Membership Req'd  Subscription Fees
ACDelco SourceTypeTechConnect Tech Assistance    
ALLDATA TBS's DIY info and TSB's Optional Optional
ASE Tests Info No No
Automotive Forums Public Forums Yes No
Autoshop 101 Toyota Training Articles No No
BAT Auto Technical Tech Articles and forums Yes for forums No
CARS Info    
Classic Car Furums Public Forums Yes No
Cool Profits Info and news No No
NAPA Fix Database Search and Hotline    
OBD-ll Public and tech OBD II info and forums No No
Nissan Online Public tech forums Yes No
Taylor Automotive Public Help Line Yes Yes


Tech Resources (Mixed help sites) 

Source Type

Membership Req'd


7-Way Trailer Plug                     Diagram Guide for trailer wiring  No No
Audi Unlock Code Audi, VW. Skoda Radio unlock codes No Yes
Interference or Non-interference? Interference Engines, A complete list  No  No





Technical Resources (Professional)

Source Type

Membership Req'd   

Subscription Fees   

AllData Pro On Line service manuals Yes Yes
ATSG (Auto Trans Service Group) Manuals, Help line, Bulletins, Seminars Yes Yes
Auto Aid Technical Services & Training Yes  Yes
Autologic European Diagnostic Assistance Yes  Yes
Diagnostic Hotline Tech Line Yes Yes
Euro Diagnostic Resources Tech Line, Library and Manual Yes Yes
Honda-Tech Honda, Acura Tech Forums Yes No
IATN Forums and database Yes For Data search
Identifix Tech line, Library and manuals Yes Yes
Interference or Non-Interference? Reference chart listing most engine interference types No No
Mitchell On Demand On Line service manuals Yes Yes
Motologic On Line service manuals Yes Yes
Motor  Age Tech and busines resources Yes No
OEM Repair Info OEM repair info for Canadian Auto Service Providers No No
Ross-Tech Wiki Diagnostic Software for European    
Taylor Automotive Tech Line, Library and  Manuals Yes Yes
Tech Link GM Tech Articles and Blogs No No
VE Calculator Volumetric Efficiency Calculator  No No


OEM Tech Sites for OBDII data and ECM flashing sources

(Most sites have free information)

Source Type Membership Req'd Subscription Fees
Acura Canadian Acura and Honda Tech Info yes yes
Aston Martin Aston Martin Tech Info yes yes
Audi Audi Tech Info yes yes
Bentley Bentley Tech Info yes yes
BMW BMW Tech Info  yes  yes
Chrysler Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Jeep Tech Info  yes  yes
Ferrari Ferrari North America Tech Info  yes  yes
Fiat Fiat North America Tech Info  yes  yes
Ford Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Tech Info  yes  yes
GM GM North America Tech Info  Yes  Yes
Honda Honda Canada/USA Tech Info  yes  yes
Hyundai Hyundai USA Tech Info  yes  yes
Infinity Infinity Tech Info  yes  yes
Isuzu Isuzu USA Tech Info  yes  yes
Jaguar Jaguar/Land Rover Tech Info  yes  yes
Kia Kia Tech Info  yes  yes
Lexus Lexus, Scion, Toyota Tech Info  yes  yes
Maserati Maserati North America Tech Info  yes  yes
Mazda Maxda Tech Info  yes  yes
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz North America Tech Info yes yes
Mini Mini Tech Info yes yes
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Tech Info yes yes
Nissan Nissan Tech Info yes yes
OEM Repair Info OEM repair info for Canadian Auto Service Providers No No
Porsche Porsche Tech Info yes yes
Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce Tech Info 2003 and up yes yes
Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce pre 2003 Tech Info yes yes
Saab Saab Tech Info yes yes
Smart Smart Tech Info yes yes
Subaru Subaru Tech Info yes yes
Suzuki Suzuki Tech Info yes yes
Toyota Toyota, Lexus, Scion Tech Info yes yes
VW Volkswagon Tech Info yes yes
Volvo Volvo Tech Info yes yes




























Technical Resources; Racing

(Sites for the serious enthusiast)

Source Type

Membership  Req'd  

Subscription Fees  

Endine Energy Dynamics

Products and resources

No No
TFX Engine Technology Tools and Resouces No No







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