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Becoming a top Automotive Service Technician in today's highly technical and ever changing market is no easy task.

It wasn't too long ago, most vehicles were quite basic. A top technician was gauged on his/her ability to diagnose and fix (not replace) any part of a vehicle. Because most vehicle technologies were so basic, it didn't require too much skill to become a general mechanic and it was expected of you to be able to diagnose any problem on a road test or just with a few simple symptoms . In one province for example, you could qualify as an automotive mechanic, just because you owned your own set of basic tools.


Today, it's a totally different story.

Almost every basic mechanical system in a vehicle is replaced, controlled or at least monitored by electronics and computor logic systems.  

Diagnostics is now the benchmark of a top technician and a general mechanic is one who can replace parts correctly and quickly.  

This field has become so specialized and is evolving so quickly, specialized training courses have become the newest set of tools today's technicians require, not just to be able to keep up, but to also stay ahead of the technology driving into your business.

Here at ASBN, the plan is to develop this section into a full catalogue of upcoming courses, course outlines, reviews, when and where schedules, with the ability to reserve your seats through direct connection with the course organizers.

Until then, there's a world of training opportunities we need to be aware of and we will continue to source and catalogue them to make it as easy as possible to access.

Don't forget, training does come in many forms. From the simple 5 minute how-to videos and full seminars on a given subject you'll find in the Video Library, to full, in depth, courses available through training institutions all over North America.

At ASBN, we bring the world of information.... to you. 

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