Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA's)

Communicating with your local MLA here in BC may appear to be a daunting task, but here at ASBN, we have simplified it for you.

First, here's a map laying out all the Electoral Districts of BC. Clicking on any section will bring up a detailed map of that particular area and the electoral boundaries of that constituency.

Knowing your constituency, you can go to this list of MLA's shown as Find MLA by Community

Clicking on the MLA of your constituency, will bring up some details and contact information about the MLA. Clicking on the email address will bring up your email program so you can write to him or her directly.

If you already know the name of the MLA, you can also select them from this Alphabetical List by MLA Name.

There may be situations, in the future, that will probably require the use of this information, especially if our industry needs to take action that requires the attention of our Government or is threatened by illogical legislation.

If that situation arises, we here at ASBN will supply the option so we all can respond quickly, decisively and with one voice.