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Getting help for technical repair problems can sometimes be a problem.

No matter how much experience or how much training you have, there are always going to be unusual problems that are tough to find solutions for.

"Someone has had to have run into this problem, somewhere" is the usual comment after hours of diagnostics has proved unsuccessful.

ASBN brings you a few possible solutions.

Since technicians all around the world are using the internet to ask for help and receiving possible solutions in many different venues and forums, we decided to catalog many of these venues and forums to save valuable time in your search for a solution.


One very important point that should be clear before you start asking for assistance in any of these sites;

  1. Make sure you have the complete vehicle information; VIN, prod. date, engine size etc.
  2. Record all tests performed and data collected

The reason for this is that you will be talking to other techs, trainers and engineers who may get a little impatient if they have to ask simple questions like; "Did you check timing?" or "How's the fuel pressure and volume?".

For drivability problems here are a couple of forms you can use as a guideline for data collection;

Now, on to the good stuff;

There is a general list of online tech help sites and forums in our Link Library. Some are public sites and others will require memberships.

Click here to go directly to that page.

A more detailed list including Mode $6 data and reflashing factory sources are listed in the articles below.

Note; Only logged in members can view the articles listed below. (Registration is Free)

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