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What's going on in our world of the Automotive Service Industry?

We all want to be kept informed on what's going on in our industry. But, what's even more important is that we want to know what's happening that will affect us, right here in our own back yard.

With that in mind, we will be presenting you with articles and news that directly or indirectly affects us, here in BC, plus supply you with the platform for open discussions on the topics.

Now, many of these newsworthy items may not have been published by the local news media. But that doesn't mean they are any less important to us. In fact, some may be very important.

The problem is sometimes trying to find them.

That's where you come in.

Keep an ear out on the gossip and stories you hear and pass them on to us so we can investigate and report to our network throughout BC. 

In addition, we will supply you with updates and changes to ASBN that, we hope, will make your visits more enjoyable and productive.

Also, shops close, new shops are built, people move and people retire. All these are newsworthy.

So, drop us a line on what's happening out there.

Oh, and there's gossip. We can't forget the gossip.

Curious minds just have to know.



Supplier News

Changes to products or suppliers affect us directly in our businesses. Staying informed gives you the opportunity to make the needed adjustments.

Drop us a line or two.

National Industry News

Here we bring you the latest news and developing stories about issues and events that are happening across our nation.

Even though these stories may be happening "over there", they will ultimately affect our way of life right here in our communities.

Periodocally, there will be an emerging story or bulletin that could seriously affect our businesses in a negative way.

In these cases, we will be asking for your responses and possible actions.

We will also be working closely with our associations and together, our voice, as an industry, will soundly heard.

So, don't think for one moment that your opinion doesn't count.

To voice your opinion on these news stories, click here to enter the forums.

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Local News

What's happening in BC? latest_news

New businesses, closing businesses, moving businesses, who's doing what to who, where is he now, awards, events, rule changes.....and so much more.

These are just some of the news topics we will be reporting on that influence our industry here in BC.

What's going on in your community?

Drop us a line so we can post it.

Association News

Keeping you informed on what our valued associations our doing for us.

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