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Bob Paff

Bob Paff

Compulsory Certification is a growing concern for us, in this industry. Read this blog for the story.
We are one of three provinces left where anybody with a toolbox can call themselves mechanics or technicians.
What do you think?
Steve made an important point. We've become re & re experts and very few can diagnose a problem.
An information library, resource center and communications network for retail and commercial businesses and all our valued suppliers for one purpose; business growth.
Bob Paff shared a photo
For years we've given the automatic transmission gear selector indicator a nick-name of PRNDL.
Well, someone in GM's design team for this 2007 Pontiac Torrent took us seriously. I couldn't believe it.
What does the 'I' stand for?
Hi all,
I am a new member and I find very useful info from the website. It is fantastic
A new Social Media platform just for us, in this industry and here in BC
Bob Paff
Bob Paff
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