We are at the Core of the Automotive Aftermarket

We are at the Core of the Automotive Aftermarket

The Automotive Aftermarket is a dominant industry, here in Canada. But we are all so disconnected. This is a 32-billion-dollar industry made up of thousands of regional and international...

Welcome to the Tech Center
Welcome to the Tech Center

Welcome to the Tech Center.  Servicing and repairing vehicles...

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Welcome to the Link Library
Welcome to the Link Library

Simple, Direct, and Quick  Here's where we index and...

  • Sep 09
Welcome to the Tool Room
Welcome to the Tool Room

This section should be interesting for everybody because...

  • Sep 08
Welcome to The Office
Welcome to The Office

Welcome to The Office This section is designed...

  • Jul 05

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Telephone Technique

  Every business has one and every customer has one but too often this tool of...

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Torque Angle vs Torque to Yield

Okay, let's talk about head bolts. A lot has changed over the years with...

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If you Quote, You'll be Wrong

How often has a customer asked you for an estimate or a 'ball-park' quote...

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Mr. Customer, You're Fired

Whoa! You're not serious..... Yes, you can fire a customer.   You try real hard...

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Here are a couple of signs that could avoid some serious issues.  

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The Plus of Shop Meetings

How many of you have monthly shop meetings with your mechanical staff? There has...

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Make Your Own Smoke Machine

I knew how valuable a smoke machine was for many types of diagnoses and...

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Paper Clip Trick #2

Keep losing circuit backprobes? Here's a cheap alternative.

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Oops, I Priced it Wrong

"We're going to lose money again..." When generating an estimate for a job,...

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Fusible Links: Your Answers

There are different styles of Fusible Links used in different industries, but...

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What Ignition Timing?

Need to find true TDC?

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Econo Power Steering Flush Kit

Need a cheap but efficient way to flush power steering systems?

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