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Thanks, Joel for the connection.
I'm hoping to get a good majority of us, on the front line of this industry, to start talking about this issue; the good and the bad.
This is our industry and we should have our voices heard and included in the decision process.
Invite your friends to the conversation.
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About Skilled Trades Certification, here in BC. Is it the right move?
Is this long overdue or should we leave things alone?
I've been doing a little stressing over a driveability issue on a 1966 TBird 390. It wants more fuel. It was in storage for 10 years and wasn't running too well when it came in. There was no choke, so I fixed that. Points were worn so I went electronic with a new set of plugs. Then it started to run worse. Brake booster now leaking so I have the hose pinched off. Fuel pressure 4 psi (on the low side) and 1/2 in. of sediment in the filter canister (cleaned that). Carb was also filled with sediment, so I reconditioned that. It feels like a major vacuum leak (won't idle properly without the mixture screws fully open) but no external leak found. The smoke machine failed and had to get a new one. Compression even and leak down test good at 10%. (Engine has less than 1000 miles since rebuild) Thinking of intake leak, (seal area below valve cover) removed it and found little gasket crush at the bottom of runners and oil in the intake runners??? Talked to a couple of machinists and the Ford big block is not affected by intake/head angle mismatch as is GM and there are no optional intake gaskets made. So, I installed new Felpros with the addition of sealant. No difference. I even tried a different carb I had laying around. It's been parked while I catch up with other work. We no longer have a traditional engine scope, so I have been learning how to use the old Snap on Modis for primary and secondary testing. Dying to try it out.
I could use some ideas right about now.
I think there will be more than just a few who will be against the need of "Skilled Trades Certification". But, personally, it's been a long time coming. I just hope they get things right this time.
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Great technical training. Bob, maybe you can invite him to your platform. Owner is Mark Lemay.

Great list of training, both technical and management!