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National Industry News

Here we bring you the latest news and developing stories about issues and events that are happening across our nation.

Even though these stories may be happening "over there", they will ultimately affect our way of life right here in our communities.

Periodocally, there will be an emerging story or bulletin that could seriously affect our businesses in a negative way.

In these cases, we will be asking for your responses and possible actions.

We will also be working closely with our associations and together, our voice, as an industry, will soundly heard.

So, don't think for one moment that your opinion doesn't count.

To voice your opinion on these news stories, click here to enter the forums.

Title Author Hits
AARO building awareness for “Repair it Right 2020” Written by Bob Paff Hits: 23
Ford recalls 340K trucks in Canada over seat belts that can cause fires Written by Bob Paff Hits: 255
Tire dealers seek clarity on TPMS Written by Bob Paff Hits: 173
AARO abandons CASIS, forming repair information task force Written by Bob Paff Hits: 272
STOP DRIVING FORD RANGERS Written by Bob Paff Hits: 439
Connecting With Other Groups Written by Bob Paff Hits: 556
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