We use the internet every day and on almost every job, whether it's to look up a repair procedure, a diagnostic code or looking up a part. These are all websites and software dedicated to the Automotive Service Industry.

But, when you venture in to the World Wide Web, you are on your own.

It's time we changed that.

It's time we organized the internet for our own industry.


Saying it that way sounds like a far fetched idea, but that's exactly what we're doing because it's what really needs to be done.

Our industry is well represented on the net, but it's fragmented and all over the place. So, unless you have the specific address to retrieve what you want, you have to use public search engines like Google, Bing and Amazon, among others, to help you find it. Sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you're not. Yes, it can be frustrating, especially if you've been on that page before and can't find it again.

For us, the problem is that even though the internet is the super highway used to transmit just about everything, only the pages that are available to the general public are indexed to be found by search engines. Don't get me wrong, there are huge numbers of valuable resources available on the public internet. The problem is sorting through the results to find what's relevant...and quickly.

There's another issue.

Many companies have professional resources destined for 'our eyes only' and are available to be transmitted via the internet. The problem is having that information available to be found. Many have their videos posted in public centers like YouTube or Vimeo and have optimized these and other pages to be found by public search engines, hoping we will find them, only to realize that it's open and freely available to the general public, not the audience it was originally intended for. Quite a few have already removed their resources from the open internet.

The Automotive Service Business Network is the solution.

Even though the World Wide Web's size is beyond imagination, the resources that are important to us number only a few thousand. So, it becomes simple logic to collect these relevant links and permanently store them in simple, password protected, catalogs and libraries.

In addition, those who's resources are destined 'for our eyes only' need only supply us with the web addresses to the information where we will catalog and present them to our professional network, effectively bypassing public search engines.

We don't care about their SEO or web ranking. We don't care about their popularity or their ratings. The only thing we care about is the resource value to our people working in our industry.

If it's important to you, it will be stored on ASBN.

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But that's only the beginning.

Let's bring our industry together, under one roof

We're an independent bunch.....and that's the way it should be. But, being independent doesn't mean you have to be alone.

Where do you go when you have questions like; "Where can I locally find this special tool?", "I need an opinion on this new product or service", " Are service calls worth It?"

Of course, you can venture into the many forums out there for some of your questions, but none of them can help with topics that may relate to your particular business region.

Also, you see a lot of things that are just wrong with our industry and need fixing. Who do you talk to? You just know you're not the only one experiencing these issues.

What we need is a community website that really focuses on our industry right here, incorporating all our individual communities within our particular market region.

What you have to say matters.

As a community, we can voice our opinions, find answers, share experiences and resources, as well as create solutions to issues and topics that affect all of us here, in our own back yard, where it matters the most.

We all love to complain about something. That's just human nature. But, what we really like doing best is offering solutions that can help a situation.

Hey, we're mechanics and we love to fix things. That's what we do best. Plus, within this community, you know there are others who can relate and will appreciate your viewpoints.

So, let's give you the opportunities to be heard and published in your choice of formats;

  • Tips - Short instructional or advisory comments for The Office, Tech Center or Tool Room (with helpful images)
  • Articles - Full page instructional or advisory topics with reference links and images
  • Blogs - Topics that invite (or invoke) discussions and comments  
  • Videos - Sometimes a good video says it all
  • Also, we can't forget about the funny side of our business with your content to post in "Real Stories" and "Me Mechanic"

Maybe you just want to start or join in on a conversation.

We definitely have you covered there with ASBN Connect.

Within our Connect system, we have:

  • Forums - Full-featured, tried and true forums that will reach all our members
  • Social Pages - Where you can personally connect with others in our network for group conversations
  • Messaging - for those ones on one conversations
  • Invite - Where you can invite others you know to join you on ASBN 

An additional feature of ASBN Connect is that within your personal profile, all your articles, blogs, and forum entries are shown as your Activities on the network. That way, more people can follow you and keep your subjects alive.

I have to say this.

Many are thinking that ASBN was created just for business owners and management and that's just not the case.

The ASBN platform includes all, who are related to this industry. Whether you are a student, a worker, a top tech or in management, we are all stakeholders that make this industry flourish. So, whether you are in the middle of your next 'build' or trying to decide on which scanner to purchase for the shop, we all are interested.

You will never be alone again because we will be supporting each other and, as a community, we will generate the solutions we need to really move forward.

 And Then, There are our Suppliers

I asked a few shop owners how long their list of suppliers was and their answers were limited to just their local parts jobbers. That may be typical but is also very troubling.

Yes, the majority of the jobs that come in require parts and you depend on your local parts suppliers to complete the jobs. But, what about the individual companies that make up the parts mix your jobber supplies? Right now, if you have an issue with a part (eg. fit or performance), your only choice is to talk to your parts counter and all they can do is to re-verify the specs. or give you another one. If that doesn't work, your only other choice is to change manufacturers.

One would think that the manufacturer and especially the regional representatives would appreciate the feedback and be able to supply or generate a solution, or simply, know that a problem exists they may be unaware of. They certainly would like to keep you purchasing the products they are proud of. Their business depends on it.

So, let's make that possible.

Then there are the hundreds of other suppliers that don't get the recognition they deserve. Every one of them plays an important role in keeping your business rolling. From tools and equipment, business and tech training, building and property maintenance, computer and advertising services, and even the sublet services needed to complete a job. These are all suppliers who need you as a customer and many will go the 'extra mile', as you do with your customers, to help build a relationship you can depend on.

But where do you find them? How can they find you? Covid 19 has really stopped the sales and service rep. visits you never really had time for during a busy day. That also means we've lost the tips, the product training, changing trends as well as the occasional gossip we used to depend on and, as a result, we've lost 'Brand Loyalty'.

We need a solution.

ASBN recognizes the high level of importance our suppliers play as partners in our industry. So, we've devoted many tools and resources that will bring our suppliers to the table as valued partners. Simply put, we need them as much as they need us.


Of course, the first step for any supplier is to let us, as customers know they exist and are open for business. But, where do we find them when we need them?

That's taken care of in ASBN's B2B Directory. But this isn't just any typical directory you'd find on the 'net.

Our goal is to have ALL BUSINESSES listed who want to do business with our industry and within every community, or just a single community of this market region.

Wow, that's a tall order. But, then again, having a highly populated directory is the only way to make this tool useful and practical for everyone......customers and suppliers alike.

So, to remove any reasons for suppliers to not list their businesses, we're giving every supplier and field reps a FREE basic listing. Plus, because most are 'commercial only', all contact information can only be viewed by logged-in members of the network. This will also eliminate that drawer of business cards you have by suggesting they create their free listing in the B2B Directory, so you're sure to find them when needed.

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Next, we have site advertising, but with a twist.

Unlike random ads you see throughout sites, our suppliers can focus their ads to where it matters the most; The office, Tech Center or the Tool Room and, to really make it targeted, they can also have their ads show up specifically within your individual community where both of you do business.

Now that's advertising the way it should be.

Contributing Partners

Many have so much more to offer than just supplying products or services. They have tips, articles, and videos, along with a host of resources just waiting for us to use. When they sign up to the network, they have full access to the same tools we have. For the first time, our suppliers can really demonstrate their support directly, without having to hire an army of reps.

Connecting a Total Industry

I hear it all the time; "Is he nuts? ", "It can't be done." "Why would you even think of doing this?"

Well, sometimes I think I'm a little crazy and naive for taking on such a project, especially without the funding and not having a web development background. My whole career, since 1971 has been as a tech, a business owner, and management in a variety of auto service businesses. So, what do I know of the internet industry? Well, a lot more than I used to.

As far as the Why? The answer to that is basically simple. Being a mechanic means that "If it's broken, it can be fixed" and I think you would agree with me that there are a lot of things in our industry that need fixing. The other reason is the feeling of pride and accomplishment. It's the same when a problem vehicle has been to 10 other shops and you found and fixed the problem. It just feels good....and right!

Bringing all factions of this industry together, under one roof, is a win-win solution for everyone.

If we have parts or tool issues, let's open a conversation and include the suppliers so we can get answers. If there's an issue that requires Government action, let's talk about it and bring our associations to the table to help create a plan of action.

We have training issues. We can fix that.

We have employment issues. We can fix that.

As a community network, we can put our heads together and fix just about anything. Personally, I'm tired of waiting for someone else to do what we know we can do ourselves.

So, If you haven't joined the network yet, sign up now. All are Welcome.

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