Do you want to promote your product or service to the retail businesses and individuals of the Automotive Service Industry?

How about just in British Columbia or, better yet, how about within one business region like Greater Vancouver or Columbia/Kootenay, for example?

Most existing advertising mediums don’t work because they are focusing strictly on the general consumer and you are a commercial supplier. Some of you have created websites but are disappointed in the response because your customers do not know that it exists; making it just another product you have to promote. What this means is that “there is no stable platform for commercial suppliers promoting to retail businesses in the Automotive Service Industry”.

Until Now!

This new platform is called The Automotive Service Business Network.BoB Logo Final

What we’ve done is create an interactive network tailored to the informational needs of the automotive retail service industry. Here both management and staff have direct access to;

  • a huge library of resources dealing with every aspect of business operations
  • a web Link Library of every internet website focused on this industry
  • live news for global, local, and business headlines
  • a Business Directory that eliminates the drawer filled with business cards
  • access to training, tools, equipment and so, so much more

ASBN is not just a repository of information but a fully interactive community, partnered with our associations, where members can openly discuss issues, contribute articles and tips as well as directly communicate with others in the community, all within the ASBN platform.

What does this mean to you as a supplier?

You have a product or service that requires exposure to the thousands of businesses and individuals of the Automotive Service Industry here in British Columbia. Or, on the opposite side of the scale, you are a small supplier who only serves local or regional communities.

The problem has always been 'marketing'.

Short of ‘knocking on doors’, there are few cost-effective means of promoting your product because, there really hasn’t been any stable marketing platform for commercial businesses promoting to retail businesses, especially if you wish to concentrate your efforts in one market area.

Cold calls have always been tough because your customers are spread out, they are never prepared to listen at that moment, and, to make things worse, the Covid virus has virtually eliminated that opportunity.

Now, what would you be able to do if all your present and potential customers were all in one place?

What would you say about a marketing system that could focus your efforts not only on a market area like BC but on a specific market region like Vancouver and the Gulf Islands or the Columbia / Kootenay region? Or, how about concentrating on a particular demographic like Service Technicians or Business Management?

Here's the great news; Marketing your business is no longer an expensive proposition. We have effective programs to suit the needs of large, national, distributors as well as the smallest community businesses. 

Yes, this will change everything.

Wait, there’s more.

Many of you are focused strictly on this industry. This means you have more to offer than just selling a product. These can be training modules, articles, tips, contests, or any other benefits that go towards building brand loyalty and business relationships.

Unlike any other medium, ASBN was designed right from the start to be able to incorporate many of these functions because our suppliers are more than just a source of products; You are an integral part of this industry and we depend on each other for more than just moving products.

 So, where do you start?

 B2B image

 The first place to start is to become part of the Automotive Service Business Network. Since our marketing and advertising programs are integrated with all facets of this network and the fact that you will have full access to our member communications system with full member privileges, we need the assurance that you are part of or, at the least, affiliated with this industry. (registration is free)

Next, log in and add your business to the B2B Directory.

One of the first levels of promoting a business in a community is to walk around and pass on your business card to every potential customer in that community. Well, that process is taken care of in the entry-level of our Commercial Directory (a $250.00 value)…….for free! 

Not for a “limited time only”……. But we are hoping permanently.

So, what’s the catch? Why is it free?

Sorry, there is no catch (I didn’t make one) and there are some sound reasons for making it free.

You’ve seen directories and none of them are complete enough to be a dependable tool for business.

That stops here.

We want…… no, we need every supplier to be listed in this directory so the members will want to use it as their “go-to” tool every day. That’s why it will remain free (until the accountants tell us otherwise). The next major reason is that through the Directory entry form, we will receive the information we will need to classify your business and your market preferences and with that, we can tailor marketing programs that will best suit your needs.

Yes, we also have Premium B2B ad packages available for those who wish to expand their listings with images, content, and videos. Read more.

Since this is a totally new marketing platform, many of the graduated marketing packages have yet to be finalized because there isn’t a business model out there we can emulate. For that, we will be enlisting feedback from within our supplier community before these packages are finalized and published.

You are part of this industry and this industry depends on you. So, why shouldn’t you be directly involved?

Together, we will change everything.

Bob Paff

Marketing Director

ASBN Publications.