As a Commercial Supplier to the Automotive Service Industry, promoting a new product or service to the market has always been a daunting task.

Promoting these products directly to your commercial customers in a particular market region or community is almost impossible.

Well, here on the Automotive Service Business Network, we're doing something about it!

To start with, as you well know, most marketing platforms are consumer-driven. It doesn't matter what medium you choose; print, radio, television, and yes, even the internet, all promise your message will be viewed by the thousands or millions in the case of the internet. This may be just fine if your goal is to build and maintain Brand Awareness in the minds of the general consumer. But, for most commercial supplier businesses, that's not what you do.

You supply quality, essential, products and services directly, or indirectly, to the businesses and individuals that serve the general public, and that really narrows your marketing options. You may have looked at the different media like; print, radio, and television but they don't fit and have a poor ROI (Return On Investment). Plus, they take you away from the local markets you are trying to manage. In the past, we had field representatives as your sales teams, but either through budget restraints or the thoughts of a supposed 'better way', field reps have been relegated to history, not to mention that covid 19 really closed the doors on us.

Most have turned to the Internet which, by itself, poses a new set of problems. The first, being the most prevalent, is that it requires that you place yourself in the hands of internet marketing specialists who, by the way, know nothing of your commercial focus and requirements. Of course, you trust their abilities, because they are trained specialists and you are paying them very well and this is their world you know little about.

But, think about it, for a minute. What are they trained in? You guessed it, Internet Marketing, and that means Consumer Marketing.

And you're right back to where you started. 

Yeah, I know It's frustrating.

For me, I'm beyond frustrated. I am pissed. (Sorry about the language.) I am so tired of watching quality businesses and services die because they couldn't reach their audiences who really needed them. This is hurting the whole industry.

So, Let's Fix It

You've probably looked around the Automotive Service Business Network website and if you haven't, then I suggest you take a few minutes for a closer look to better understand the core purpose of what we are achieving and what it means to the thousands of individuals that make up the automotive aftermarket, especially here in British Columbia. Here are the highlights;

  • It is a resource center; Every day the 'net is being used to find answers and solutions within this industry. So, why not structure and store that data in libraries and directories that can be easily and predictably referenced? Click here to read how we do that. 
  • It is member-driven; All participants require the assurance that the focus of this network is exclusive to the Automotive Aftermarket and that is especially true for the suppliers of our industry because most are 'commercial only' businesses. More Details
  • This is a file-sharing platform; Our libraries and content are continuously growing and evolving as our industry requires. To help assure that, all members are encouraged to go beyond 'view only' by sharing their tips, videos, viewpoints, and especially their favorite web links so they can be indexed to benefit all participants. This is, of course, their network to benefit from. 
  • This is a communications platform; Blogs, Comments, Forums,  Private Messaging, and yes, even our own Social Media platform, all under one roof and integrated to work together to encourage our audience to communicate with each other and the rest of their industry. Want to know more? 
  • Here's our Mission Statement

At this point, it should be quite clear what the core purpose of The Automotive Service Business Network is and the premise is very simple;

"Connecting Our Industry Together"

So, what does this all mean to you as a supplier of products and services and why should you be doing business with ASBN?

Okay, let me ask you a question;

"What would it mean to you if all of your customers and future clients were all in one place?"

I thought that might get your grey matter working.

Now, as a supplier to this industry, we can talk about all the marketing tools, techniques, and opportunities available (many of which could only be imagined, in the past),  and we could also talk about Demographics, C2C Marketing, Direct marketing, Search Engine Optimizations, and all sorts of technical 'babble' everyone tries to sell you, but we'll talk about that later. 

Right now, the most important and the most essential tool at your disposal is the B2B Directorydirectory

It is the starting point for everything we'll be doing together going forward. (Rome wasn't built in a day) It is also the simplest and the most logical.

We talked about your frustrations of not being able to connect with your customers and your markets, but what about your customers?

If they can't easily connect with you when they need you, then what's the point of all your efforts?

If you are a small, local business serving your local community, this directory is just 'what the doctor ordered' and may be the only marketing tool you'll need.

If you are a medium-sized company, serving multiple marketing regions of BC, this tool gives you the opportunity to reach the communities you want to focus on.

And, if you are a large company, wanting to better manage this market of British Columbia, you couldn't ask for a better starting point.

This is a win-win scenario for everybody.

Want to know more? Check out the Features and Options

So, what are you waiting invitation? 

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