One Industry, One Network

Since the beginning of development, the plan was to have ASBN as a major communications network for all who are related to the Automotive Service Industry, here in British Columbia....and beyond.

The big issue was what format or formats to adopt?

Forums, Social Pages, Private Messaging, and even Comments are all great ways to communicate with your friends and colleagues. But the problem is that even though these are great platforms, they are islands within themselves with no connections to each other and that doesn't work if you want to connect a whole industry together. Plus, everyone has their own preferences on what formats they prefer to use.

Comments are a great place to post your opinion on a particular published subject. It's a direct connection to the author with hopes they appreciate your opinion and, just maybe, would want to start a conversation. The issue; Only the author or someone viewing the item knows you took interest in that item. Plus, it's not a good format to open conversations.

Forums are a tried and true format to hold discussions on a particular subject. Not only is that subject saved and indexed for future reference, but the conversation can also be rekindled at any time as new people take an interest. The Issue; you must stay on topic. This is not the format to have casual conversations. If you want to change the subject, you need to start a new topic.

Social Pages are exactly that, pages where you can socialize with friends or colleagues who are a part of your group or a specialized group you have created. Since these are casual conversations, they are not saved or indexed for future reference.

Private Messaging is a way to discuss topics privately member-to-member.

Since all of these formats have equal importance as communication tools, it was decided to incorporate all of them into ASBN. That way, all communication formats are on one network, eliminating the necessity of having to go off-site to connect with friends and colleagues.

Think about it, for a minute.

How many different sites have you signed up for to talk to friends or colleagues?

Better still, how many know which sites you are on to be able to connect with you?

So, with all communication formats now on our network, it doesn't matter how you wish to share your opinions, we have you covered.

But that's still not good enough because they are still separate formats.

How would others know of your comments on a particular item? Or, while having a private discussion, something important comes up that the rest of our network should be made aware of? Or, while discussing a topic in the forums, you find someone who shares your viewpoints and would like to connect with them directly. 

The key is to have a central connection point to all these formats.

 Connecting Though Your Profile

During your signup to this network, we asked some questions to get to know you as well as to ensure you are related to this industry, in some way.

This information (public only) is used to generate your Public Profile so that others can get to know you as well. Since this is at the center of who you are on ASBN, we saw this as the best place to connect to all your activities on this network and a central place for you to start from.

So, Comments, Forums, and Social pages are now connected through your Profile. The big advantage here is that when someone checks out your profile, they can also see your activity on the network, read your comments, your forum discussions, and your public posts on your social pages.

(Private messaging will stay private and available only through social pages and forums.)

Not only will they get to know you better, but they can read and appreciate your opinions no matter what format you prefer to use.

But we didn't stop there.

We have added direct connections to your articles, tips, and even blogs you've contributed. You can even create a blog directly from your profile.

On your profile page, you can also connect with other members to join you on your social page.

Even better, you can invite anyone you know outside of this network to join you and be part of the ASBN experience. 

Connecting our industry together just got a lot easier.

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