RE; New website helps crackdown on warranties fraud

1 month 1 week ago #27 by Bob Paff
This article was posted by Auto Service World on Oct.25th and created by the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) in the U.S.
They even made a full website devoted to this topic.
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It appears they have a major issue down there related to fraud and false claims, but it made me think about a couple of things.
First, since this activity seriously affects the bottom line of every parts jobber and dealer, one would think they would be already on top of it.
Second, I'm wondering if the number of warranty returns is on a rise.
With the reduction of the manufacturer's factory representatives, there is no doubt that warranty returns are not being researched and processed like they used to be.
The reps used to research the cause of the faults to repair the issue and would report back to the shop that generated the warranty.
Today, it's just being pushed through the return system and the factories are now complaining about the number of returns.
I also don't doubt that some shops see this loophole and are taking full advantage of it.
I'm also wondering if this is an issue here in BC. 


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