2022 Coincidences?

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2022 Coincidences? was created by Bob Paff
For the first 22 years of our marriage, the number 22 played an interesting role. At work, the 22nd of each month always proved to be interesting, whether it was the best productive day of the month or the only one plagued with issues. One day at Speedy Muffler King, on the 21st, my AGM came to me and asked "What are you doing tomorrow?" Of course, I said "Working." He responded "No, you will be on a flight to Toronto to teach a course on Custom Exhaust Fabrication. Here are your flight tickets, your hotel reservations, and your schedule at our national training center. Yes, I know you're not prepared for this, but you can figure it out on the 4-hour flight."
Our previous AGM and I had developed this program, here in BC, to ensure our dominance in the exhaust market as exhaust specialists in every sense of the word. Now, we had a new AGM that didn't like to change the status quo and I just knew he was looking for failure.
I bit the bullet. What's the worst that can happen? 
I got there just in the nick of time to meet everyone at a lunch meeting and somewhere, the conversation turned to coincidences.
I just had to mention about today, being the 22nd and others started looking for additional coincidences.
  • My flight number was 422
  • My seat number was 22
  • My hotel room number was 622, and finally
  • There were 22 students in my class.
Now, that was freaky.
Somebody made the suggestion that I should be betting on the horses today.
My response was that it didn't work that way. If I did bet on horse number 22, he would probably come in 22nd.  
Oh, and yes, the course was very successful and I had fun. 

Now, I've got a question.
I wonder how many others have had the experience where a number played a noticeable role personally, or in business.
It would make for interesting conversations.


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