As a retail business in this industry, you and your employees are what this Automotive Aftermarket is for.

Every product or tool produced and every training service created requires you to purchase in order for the wheels of the Automotive Aftermarket to keep turning.

This may be a strong statement, but it's true and it's time you realized that.

Here, at ASBN, we know that and is why this network was produced, in the first place.

It is also why nearly all services provided are FREE to access and use, as long as you are a logged-in member.

Some of you, however, also play the role of a 'supplier'. 

As a service business, you may have a specialty that is needed by other service businesses in your community. You may also be a specialized dealer for products needed by others. If this applies to you, then check out Doing Business- As a Supplier. There are business opportunities there you may not be aware of.

In order to unlock those opportunities, I would suggest opening a fresh account as a supplier, using a different name to identify it.

Staying FREE comes at a cost

AHA, you knew this was going to come up!

Yes, you are going to have to work at keeping ASBN free, for everyone's benefit.

ASBN is built around the ever-growing resources, being made available every day on the 'net. But, where are they and how do we gather them?

That would be from you and the thousands that make good use of ASBN's services.

So, here's your job.

We need your favorite links, tips, articles, and videos to keep the libraries growing.

Yes, there's a lot of 'junk' out there, but you have waded through those to finally find something that's useful.

Don't just close it off when you're done and just don't save it to your Favorites folder. Copy the web address and paste it into the body of an email and send it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I will check it out and once validated, I will catalog it into the libraries and send you a note showing where it is now stored for easy retrieval.

It is up to you to keep ASBN relevant and an invaluable tool for the rest of our industry.

That is how ASBN will stay free......forever!


There's one more job I need you to do.

Since this is a free  'members only' network, the only way we can gauge our usefulness is through membership numbers. You may have signed up for your business and that shows up as only one member, even though the full shop is using it.

Make sure everyone signs up for their own personal account. 

Not only will it give us a better representation of this industry, but it will allow individuals to explore and contribute to ASBN in their personal time.

In addition (and this is a tough one), please extend an invitation to join this network to others, outside of your shop, who are part of our industry. Staying fiercely independent is still a good thing. But, with all the hurdles and changes in front of us, we can no longer afford to be alone

"Connecting Our Industry Together"