Vehicle Safety

Do we really have unsafe vehicles on our streets and highways?

Of course we do, but can we prove it?

So, if it's proof they need, let's give it to them.

The following is a database of incident reports created by individual professionals of the Automotive Service Industry here in British Columbia, compiled of images, general vehicle identification and fault descriptions.

The purpose is to record individual witness accounts of light duty vehicle mechanical and electrical safety defects that would generate a 'Fail' or an 'Out of Service' result if a CVSE Provincial Vehicle Inspection was performed at that time.

This also includes 'Check Engine', 'ABS' and any other warning lights that are being ignored.


Tire condition and type, wheels, studs, wheel nuts, spare
Suspension components, ride height
Steering linkeage, belts, hoses
Seat belts and air bags
Lack of lighting, daytime running lights and major headlamp mis-alignment
Damages to frame or body that affect structural integrity (visual), excessive rust, glass
Exhaust leaks, catalytic converter, missing or damaged parts, excessive noise. All defects that would fail a Government inspection.
SES light, smoking, oil and coolant leaks, wiring, battery, belts and hoses. Items that would fail a Government inspection
Inoperative controls; wipers, power windows etc. Items that interfere with the driver's ability to properly operate a vehicle. Examples: carpeting, damaged pedals and shifter, obscured visability
Hydraulics, friction material, drums and rotors, parking brake, warning lights

Driveshaft and suspension damage

Towed in with broken frond axle.
Front tires worn with exposed cords.
Customer refused to replace tires.

Major cracks in windshield damaging wiper blades.

ABS and Brake warning light on. Rt brake lamp

Sway bar bushings and links ft and rear broken

Towed in for no start. Required Starter