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Great technical training. Bob, maybe you can invite him to your platform. Owner is Mark Lemay.

Great list of training, both technical and management!
Compulsory Certification is a growing concern for us, in this industry. Read this blog for the story.
We are one of three provinces left where anybody with a toolbox can call themselves mechanics or technicians.
What do you think?
Steve made an important point. We've become re & re experts and very few can diagnose a problem.
An information library, resource center and communications network for retail and commercial businesses and all our valued suppliers for one purpose; business growth.
Bob Paff shared a photo
For years we've given the automatic transmission gear selector indicator a nick-name of PRNDL.
Well, someone in GM's design team for this 2007 Pontiac Torrent took us seriously. I couldn't believe it.
What does the 'I' stand for?
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Customer Management
To manage your inventory for example you first have to count it (so you know what you have), then you would organize it both on the shelves (so you know where it is) and in your files (so that the information is complete like costs, margins, suppliers, sales history and description).Then, with this information, you can track your fast moving parts, get rid of dead stock and know what parts would move and be most profitable.
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Hi all,
I am a new member and I find very useful info from the website. It is fantastic
A new Social Media platform just for us, in this industry and here in BC