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If you're in the market for a new diagnostic tool, the first thing you need to know is what products are available so you can begin your research. Too many of us will buy on 'impulse' and end up with disappointing results, usually because there is inadequate marketing, on the part of the manufacturer, to let us know the product exists.

So, to help us make informed decisions, we have generated a catalog on every diagnostic tool we can find and filled it with information to get you started.

In addition, we will soon be adding a review section for each listing for you to let everyone know of your 'real world' experience of the tool which will be invaluable to shoppers.


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Diagnostic tools that interface with vehicle modules using the factory diagnostic connector
OBD II Recorders, Code Readers, OE, PC Based, Full Platforms
Reprogramming tools for updating or changing vehicle software

With enhanced functionality, a faster operating system and a bigger, full-color touchscreen display, MODIS Ultra isn’t just retooled. It’s completely re-imagined. It’s also more intuitive, with an 8" screen that can be navigated by touch or by its 4-way thumb pad. And you still have the sophistication and convenience of scanner, scope and exclusive Fast-track® expert information in one diagnostic tool. So you can move between jobs quicker and with more accuracy than ever before.

Developed by a team of the best engineers and technicians in the industry, the MaxiDAS® DS708 is a state-of-art vehicle diagnostic system that delivers a more accurate, stable, comprehensive, easier and faster diagnosis. The new generation platform stands out in a variety of tools by providing incredibly high performance with intuitive operation. For the first time, workshops and technicians can find an OE-level diagnostic solution designed for the aftermarket.

Derived from our Professional Series tool, the MaxiDAS® DS708, the MaxiDiag Elite® MD802 enables the user to not only get into the O.E. enhanced OBD-II system with mode 6 access, live data graphing, but it also allows a technician to scan the entire car, ALL makes, ALL models, and all available modules just like our DS708. With the MaxiDiag Elite® MD802 the user can read and clear codes in all Powertrain, Chassis, Body, and Information & Communication systems with the push of one button, making it great for body shops, used car dealers, and the professional repair shops. With its print function, you can easily provide the customer or the insurance agent a complete diagnosis of the vehicle. This new diagnostic platform delivers fast and easy diagnosis at the right price.

The Autel MaxiVideoâ„¢ MV208 digital videoscope is an ideal tool for examining difficult-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight. It features the ability to record digital still images and MPEG2 or MPEG1 video either on its internal flash memory or on the removable SD cards (optional). The ergonomic tool not only features a 2.4" full color LCD screen, auto focus and viewing capacity as close as 1" with crystal clear output, but also offers the capability to stream digital video directly to a PC. The multipurpose video scope is an economical solution to inspect machinery, facilities and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible.

Dealer-level capabilities and coverage for more than 40 global vehicles. This next generation of the original Autoland iScan-II has a special functionality, including BMW Offline Programming that programs the models after E65, E60, E90, E70; an Interface Module Simulation System (IMS2) Interface with dealer scanner software, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Toyota, Land Rover, Ford and Jaguar; and DOL (Diagnostic Online) accessible through the Internet. Technicians always get the latest information via built-in Bluetooth technology and report information for programming and reflashing.

The perfect companion to any scan tool. Digital graphing meter, high-speed 2-channel lab scope plus exclusive expert information make it easy to verify component failures. Exclusive Fast-Track® Guided Component Tests for a confident diagnosis. Vehicle-specific illustrated test procedures show where to connect, how to connect, and what the results should look like. Don’t settle for a general diagnosis when the rest of the story is just one tool away.

Few vehicle systems and repair jobs aren’t impacted by computer controls. Now ETHOS Plus gives any technician a fast and effortless way to access OEM-specific codes and live data on just about any major system, on over 40 vehicle makes. Connect the keyless adapter to a vehicle and ETHOS Plus automatically boots up in only about ten seconds. Use the four-way keypad or big five-and-one-half inch touch screen for lightning fast response. Need a low-cost tool… at the service desk to manage workflow?... that new technicians can pick up and be productive with right away?... that every tech in the shop can share?... to quickly reset MIL and maintenance lights? Get ETHOS Plus.

The quick read & clear tool for any technician or for use at the service desk to assess incoming vehicles and manage the shop’s workflow.

Perfect for road tests with pocket-size portability and easy touchscreen operation for all functions. Exclusive Troubleshooter code tips give you expert insight for a confident diagnosis. Verify repairs, check emissions readiness, diagnose engine and driveability problems.


Don’t let a tough diagnosis stand between you and the repair. SOLUS Ultra brings together a full range of scan tool functions, without any baggage to slow you down. No Personality Keys. No long boot ups. Combine that with high-resolution data graphing, detailed code definitions and OEM-specific coverage (without the added expense of factory tools) and you have productivity and simplicity working together in perfect harmony.


PRO-LINK Ultra offers more heavy-duty coverage for commercial vehicles in one tool, from Class 8 trucks to light-duty diesels. OEM-proprietary coverage for engine, transmission, ABS and traction control. Plus heavy-duty standard (HDS) and OBD-II/EOBD for emissions, HVAC, body, collision avoidance, instrument, lighting systems and many others. Essential maintenance functions critical to managing fleet costs, and powerful repair functions to keep the fleet on the road.  A must-have tool for large & small fleets, independents, dealerships, leasing, utilities, municipalities, owner-operators, maintenance shops, repair shops and mobile truck service.

The VERDICT diagnostic and information system includes a wireless display, scanner and meter to let you be in more places at once. View all of your readings and control the scanner and scope remotely from the Display. Have everything you want, use only what you need. With Windows® multitasking and Wi-Fi Internet access, VERDICT puts everything in your hands from anywhere in the shop: codes, live data, component tests, Troubleshooter, web resources and real-world answers. Even access the optional ShopKey® Repair Information System for the information you need to complete the repair.

Lighter. Faster. Smarter. More flexible. Our most powerful diagnostic & information system, VERUS PRO offers the flexibility of keyless, wireless scanning and Wi-Fi. Stay connected and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the service bay. The new thin profile shaves 3 lbs off the display tablet. An expanded software suite loads in half the time previously required and provides one-touch access to scan, scope, guided component tests, vehicle records, an online technical community and the optional ShopKey® repair information system. View multiple applications side-by-side.

GM Tech 2 is Professional GM Diagnostic Scan Tool. GM Tech2 scanner supports all GM systems from 1992 to 2011.Tech2 has powerful function which make it is first choose by most GM vehicles repairer.

General Motors Global Electrical Architecture (Global A) and Global Diagnostic Hardware &Software Global Diagnostic System DGS& Mutiple diagnostic Interface MDI MDI is an interface between the vehicle DLC and a PC (by wired USB, wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet ) and TIS2web.  Required for diagnostics on new SGM Global A Electrical Architecture Vehicles Used with GM Global Diagnostics System (GDS), SPS and MDI Manager Software Allows for GDS diagnostic